We’re glad you asked. PixyMe is an iPhone and iPod Touch* application that uses image personalization to send an email greeting or printed postcard through the mail.**

You can even take photos from your library or camera and use a PixyMe frame to personalize a special moment.

Either way you use it – we guarantee this: it’ll make someone smile.

*A network connection is required.

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

There are two different ways to personalize.

  1. Choose an image. Add the name, then see your creation appear in the snow on a windshield, or stars spelling out your name across the sky, or any different variety from our library of over 100 images.
  2. Choose a photo from your camera or photo library, then personalize it with a PixyMe frame.

Sharing an event with family and friends now has a new twist. Simply save your image to your photo library, share it via email, post it to Facebook, or better yet, have a real printed postcard produced on a gorgeous card stock with a live stamp mailed anywhere in the world.**

“Deserves 12 stars! Vastly superior to any other greeting cards in the App Store.”

“You know those ideas you wish you thought of? The iPhone App PixyMe is one of those ideas.”
-Kathryn Swartz of Appolicious

“So very cool. People will definitely respond to your notes with this app.”

**PixyMe printed postcards are created and produced in the USA. Postcards can be delivered anywhere in the world. Postcards that are delivered to a destination in the USA cost $1.99. Postcards that are delivered to any other destination outside of the USA are $2.99.