PixyMe FAQ

Q: What are the technical requirements for the PixyMe app?

A: PixyMe is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 4.0 or later, and requires a network connection.

Q: How much does a PixyMe printed postcard cost?

A: Postcards that are delivered to a destination in the USA cost $1.99. Postcards that are delivered to any other destination outside of the USA are $2.99.

Q: Why do you need my email address for this application?

A: PixyMe includes an ability for you to send emails containing personalized images to your friends and family right from the application. To help prevent your message from ending up in a SPAM folder or overlooked by your intended recipient the application will put your address in the from field, as this makes a big difference.

Q: Why does my personalization take so long to load?

A: The “Image-personalization” technology behind PixyMe is powered by our array of dedicated image servers. Since every image you see in the application is personalized just for you, those images must be generated by this system and sent to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Depending on your cellular or WiFi connection to the Internet, the amount of time it takes for your images to appear can vary.

Q: How do I use one of my own photos for personalization?

A: You can either tap the CAMERA or the LIBRARY option from the menu bar. Tapping CAMERA will bring up your iPhone’s camera interface, where you can take a picture that will be immediately brought into the application. Tapping LIBRARY will bring you to your iPhone or iPod Touch photo album where you can select any image to bring into PixyMe. Once you’ve selected your photo, select a personalized image frame and customize it with your message.

Q: Can I rearrange the icons for the image categories?

A: Yes, simply tap and hold an icon. Once the icon enlarges you can drag it to any point along the menu bar and PixyMe will remember your selection for future visits.

Q: Are these the only images available for personalization?

A: We encourage you to check PixyMe for updates regularly as we are always creating new and interesting personalized images you can use to send a smile. If you have an idea for an image, we encourage you to visit our website: www.tukaizproducts.com and use the contact us form to submit your suggestion.

Q: The name/message I entered in my personalized image is very small/cut-off, is something wrong with the application?

A: The personalized images within PixyMe are designed to accommodate messages up to approximately 13 characters, depending on the individual image. Messages longer than this may work in a given image, but might shrink down to fit in the available area making them harder to read. Each image has different limits with regards to what will look good, so we encourage you to explore.

Q: Is there any way to speed up the generation of my personalized images?

A: The PixyMe team came up with the FAVORITES button so you can create images all at once, then send them later. So, if you think you want to use an image later, make it ahead of time and save it to your favorites. Once it’s saved, you can use it to create your postcard or email greeting as many times as you like.

Q: I sent an email/postcard through PixyMe, how can I confirm it went through?

A: With a tap to the History tab in the application, you can confirm that your PixyMe greeting was sent. The green dot next to the recipient means it was processed and sent successfully; a yellow dot indicates that the greeting is being processed; and a red dot means there was an error. Tap the address to remind yourself what image you sent.

Q: I want to publish my personalized image to Facebook; can I do that?

A: Absolutely! Once you’ve generated your image, tap SEND and you’ll see Facebook as an option. Once selected, tap CONNECT to enter your Facebook username and password and the publish to Facebook dialog box will open. Type in your message, tap PUBLISH and your personalized image will appear on your wall for your friends to admire.

Q: Are images created using PixyMe royalty-free?

A: No. PixyMe images are intended for the private, non-commercial use of PixyMe purchasers only. PixyMe personalized images cannot be resold without express written consent from Tukaiz LLC.

Q: Will everyone I email a personalized image to be able to view it?

A: Recipients of your personalized images must have HTML enabled email programs. Most free web-based email programs like Gmail and Yahoo are enabled, as well as most desktop mail applications like Mac Mail and Outlook.

Q: Can I change the font of my message on the back of the postcard I’m creating?

A: Sorry, the font on the back of the postcard cannot be changed at this time.

Q: How long can the message on my postcard be?

A: The message can be as long as you like. PixyMe automatically scales the message to fit the available area. Keep in mind, however, that the longer the message, the smaller the type, and you will see the size adjust as you type if your message gets too long.

Q: Do I have to send the postcard to someone in my iPhone or iPod Touch contact list?

A: No, you can type in any address to which you’d like your postcard delivered.

Q: The checkout process asks if I want to store my credit card information. Where is this being saved?

A: PixyMe is designed to allow you to save your credit card number to an encrypted file on your iPhone or iPod Touch, not a web site somewhere on the Internet. Even if you should lose your phone, your credit card number is in an encrypted file that is not easily deciphered.

Q: When I first installed PixyMe, I chose not to be copied on my greetings. Can I change that?

A: Absolutely. You can also change your email address if you want. Simply go to your iPhone or iPod Touch settings, scroll down to tap PixyMe from the list of installed applications to change settings.

Q: How long does it take to receive a PixyMe printed postcard?

A: Postcards are printed, cut, stamped and sent to the U.S. Post Office within 48 hours of the successful receipt of your order.

Q: When I tap send on my image, why is there an option to SAVE?

A: Choose SAVE to place your PixyMe image in your CAMERA ROLL. This feature allows you to attach your image to a text message or emailed without the electronic postcard template. You can also synch it later with your home or office computer.

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