Imagine your name written in the snow on a windshield of a car after a winter storm; only this time, you didn’t have to brave the cold weather to take the picture. PixyMe is the most unique messaging application available for the iPhone; guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of your friends and family. The inspiration of PixyMe is its ability to seamlessly place your personalized message directly into a picture making it look as if it was photographed that way.

PixyMe is designed for sharing… lots of sharing! Any image you create can be sent electronically to your friends and family through email or even posted to your Facebook account. Ah, but PixyMe isn’t limited to just the digital space, you can also use the application to create and sent a printed postcard with a live stamp mailed First Class!

Simply hit “play” and check out our video tutorial to get a complete walk-through of the power of PixyMe.